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Animal Adoption & Resources Center

Our Mission

The St. Mary's County Animal Adoption & Resource Center's mission is to protect, advocate for, and provide compassionate care to companion animals in need. We enrich the lives of families and the community through adoption services, education, connection to resources, and prevention of cruelty.

An offset view of the new St. Mary's County Animal Adoption & Resource Center building.

About Us

The St. Mary’s Animal Adoption & Resource Center is the only shelter in St. Mary’s County required to accept every animal that comes through our doors regardless of breed, temperament, health conditions, and circumstance (from owner surrender, stray pickup, rescued or confiscated animals). We have built a best-in-class team that stewards our mission of professionalism, responsibility, compassion, commitment, integrity, and accountability.

The St. Mary’s County Animal Adoption & Resource Center is dedicated to pet adoption and a live release initiative. In addition to sheltering and providing veterinary care to all animals brought to the shelter, we work diligently to place these animals in new homes. We collaborate and coordinate with Pet Rescue groups and through social media networks to cast the widest possible adoption net. We will also provide intensive neo-natal and adult pet fostering programs, along with hands-on training classes for our volunteer programs.

Our mission is to promote and protect public health and animal care through community supported sheltering, pet placement programs, pet ownership education and animal law enforcement.

We are dedicated to the humane, efficient, high-quality care of animals in our shelter.

We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership through spaying/neutering, microchipping, vaccinations, and other resources. Campaigns and programs to educate and raise community awareness about these services are ongoing.

View Our Live Streamed Kitty Cam in Our Community Cat Room

A St. Mary's County dog license tag. Made of metal (brass color) and in the shape of a dog house, the year and the license number are engraved in it.

Pet License Registration

Your license proves ownership and assists animal control and shelters to quickly identify your dog and get them back to you safely.

Reclaiming Your Pet

The St. Mary's Animal Adoption & Resource Center wants to ensure pets are returned to owners as soon as possible.

Proof of Ownership

Please be prepared with documentation to provide evidence of ownership:

  • Bill of purchase / adoption record
  • Medical records
  • Microchip registration
  • Pictures that document ownership over time (i.e., puppy through adult pictures)
  • Proof of rabies vaccine or licensing


There are fees incurred while the pet is in our care. Please call to inquire of the fees prior to coming to the shelter.

Animal Shelter Redemption and Impoundment Fees:

  • $25 - 1st Impoundment Fee
  • $50 - 2nd Impoundment Fee
  • $100 - 3rd Impoundment Fee
  • $20 - Daily Fee

The owner is responsible for reimbursement of external veterinary care the animal shelter was required to provide to safely and humanely house the animal.

Schedule of Events

No Events Currently Scheduled

Contact Us


Animal Adoption & Resource Center
22975 FDR Blvd
California, MD 20619

Hours of Operation

Mon: Closed
Tue: 12pm - 6pm
Wed: 12pm - 6pm
Thu: Closed
Fri: 12pm - 6pm
Sat: 12pm - 4pm
Sun: 12pm - 4pm


Daytime: (301) 475-8018
After Hours: (301) 475-8016