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APWA Certification


The Department of Public Works & Transportation has initiated a detailed program to improve Public Works Operations and Management. A department-wide self-evaluation of policies and practices is being performed in an effort to gain better insight into how services are provided, create a comprehensive program for positive change, orient and train supervisors and become a better managed public agency.


The use of self-assessment in a strategic planning process includes developing an agency's mission statement, conducting a needs assessment, establishing goals for improvement, developing an implementation plan and successfully attaining the agency's goals. When completed, the Department will be eligible to apply to the American Public Works Association (APWA) for agency accreditation. The APWA will perform an evaluation to determine if the Department is maintaining the standards of excellence established by leaders in the field of Public Works. This process will improve effectiveness, promote staff and community pride, clarify budget needs, identify operation and management needs, enhance professional image, promote teamwork and staff development, encourage inter-departmental coordination, identify duplication and wasted effort, promote public awareness and improve communication. Agencies will undergo reaccreditation at three (3) year intervals.