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Capital Improvement Program

The The current Fiscal Year capital improvement program for the County for Public Facilities, Highways, Solid Waste, and various Marine Projects under the purview of the DPW&T and other Departments may be found at the following link:

Approved Capital and Operating Budgets

State Highway Projects

Public Facilities

The Department manages the design, permitting, and construction of public facility projects which includes; space needs / master planning for libraries, senior and activity centers, welcome centers, parking and site improvements, workforce housing, farmers markets, the St. Mary's County Regional Airport, Sheriff and Adult detention center facilities, energy efficiency / conservations, facility audits and condition assessment, programmatic / critical building maintenance, fuel distribution centers, as well as a variety of public safety, maintenance, office, and support structures.


The Department manages the design, permitting, and construction of highways projects which includes: transportation planning, pavement conditions assessments, asphalt / modified seal overlay programs, intersection sport improvements / realignments / traffic calming, bride / culver replacements and upgrades, retrofit sidewalk installations, streetscape improvements, traffic signalization / safety / security / lighting initiatives, guardrail installations, ADA accessibility, regional water quality / nutrient removal mandates, removal of roadside obstacles, archaeological evaluations, roadway base widening, special taxing districts, as well as neighborhood preservation/ revitalization programs.

Solid Waste

The Department manages the design, permitting, and construction of solid waste related projects which includes; landfills / rubble fill / closures and expansions, recycling and scale house facilities, convenience center enhancements / upgrades, environmental monitoring, mitigation / remediation, transfer station, as well as contingency and long range planning to meet the needs of citizens for the foreseeable future.


The Department manages the design, permitting, and construction of marine projects which includes; shoreline conditions, assessments, hazard mitigation initiatives, revetments, bulkheads, jetties, maintenance dredging, living shorelines, special taxing districts, critical area plantings, and a variety of other shoreline protection measures. The majority of funding is achieved thru grants / low interest loans from department of Natural Resources, Maryland Department of Environments, and Corps of Engineers. With over 400 miles of shoreline, the protection of private and public properties from active erosion and the maintenance of navigable channels is a County priority.

construction activity chart