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Client Commitment

Our customers are the purpose of our work. They are not interruptions of it. The same is true of co-workers seeking assistance from us in serving our customers. We are all part of the same team working for the same goal. We take personal responsibility to insure that all customers and co-workers receive a timely, efficient and courteous response to their needs. We take pride in our work. We pledge to do what we believe is right and to fix things that go wrong. In implementing building maintenance and services, we promise to:

  • Investigate complaints received within 24 hours.
  • Perform emergency repair work within 48 hours.
  • Address urgent repair work within 2 weeks.
  • Schedule and prioritize normal / routine repair work within 4 weeks.
  • Maintain a preventive and programmatic repair program.
  • Keep each facility in a "presentable to the public" condition.

Because the Building Services Division is responsible for the condition of facilities and grounds, any project that alters the facilities or grounds in any way must be performed by Building Services personnel, it’s licensed contractors or approved by the Manager. We ask facility users to take advantage of our on-line Maintenance Request Form.