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CDL Licensing and Defensive Driving


A complete listing of heavy equipment, minor equipment/tools and personnel vehicles is maintained by the Department and updated annually. There are approximately 45 pieces of heavy equipment (trucks-flatbed/water, tractors, transfer trailers, graders, loaders, backhoes, road widener etc.); 136 pieces of minor equipment (chippers, air compressors, bucket trucks, mowers, rollers, straw blowers, hydro-seeders, tampers, salt and lime spreaders, bush hogs, sickle mowers, push mowers, chain saws, generators, snow plows with push frames etc.); and 24 personnel carrier vehicles (crew cabs, pick-up trucks and sedans) at the Department of Public Works & Transportation.

Defensive Driving

All employees are strongly urged to participate in the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course which is sponsored through the Local Government Insurance Trust.


The Department of Public Works & Transportation maintains an annual Blanket Hauling and Movement Permit granted by the Maryland State Department of Transportation and is subject to the Code of Maryland (Motor Vehicle Code) Regulations. The permit authorizes operators to haul / move oversized construction equipment on State owned-maintained highways and requires the permittee to give strict attention to safety and rights of public travel. In addition, the County Highways Division maintains an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for Highway Maintenance, Highway Rehabilitation, Asphalt Overlay and Drainage Improvements which includes procedures for performing routine maintenance / construction activities without formal construction drawings. A Maryland Department of the Environment Regional Letter of Authorization (RLOA) is also kept current and on file.

Fiscal Year-End Requests

A physical inventory and fuel tank reading must be completed by June 30 of each fiscal year. The County Accounting Officer is contacted prior to this deadline in order to notify the auditors of the timing of these tasks for their verification of quantities recorded.