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Bus Rider Rules

Riding the bus is considered a privilege. All passengers who board are subject to some basic rules of conduct to ensure their comfort and safety known as the STS Bus Rider Agreement. All STS fixed route services are accessible.

Bicycle Riders Are Welcome

There is a way to get into shape and protect the environment at the same time. The STS allows you to "park" your bike on our buses and travel even further throughout the County. It is also our way of helping you make bike riding a part of your daily routine. We can store children's and adult bicycles of most wheel and frame sizes. However, we cannot carry motorized bikes. Make sure you remove water bottles, air pumps or other items that could slip from your bike and potentially create a hazard. Don't forget to signal the driver when you and your bike have cleared the bus' path. Because bicycles are stored in the rear areas of the bus, specifically designated for ADA and wheelchair bound riders.

Packages - Riders on public transportation are only allowed to transport as many packages as he/she can physically carry. Drivers are not required, but may assist, in loading and unloading a limited number of packages for a rider.

Guide Animals - Service animals for persons with disabilities, "Paws with a Cause" Therapy dogs for the mentally challenged, Hearing dogs for the deaf/hearing impaired and Mobility dogs for individuals with multiple handicaps or special needs are the only animals allowed on our STS buses.

Attendants - Riders who use the SSTAP Program may be accompanied by a maximum of one attendant, free of charge. Arrangements for accompanying attendant(s) must be made when the appointment is made.

Drivers are NOT required to assist our Public Transportation riders. However, if needed, the drivers will assist ADA and SSTAP riders on and off the bus.

The Rider

Please keep the conversation down to a minimum. The driver needs to concentrate on the highway. Laws on the bus do not permit smoking, use of profanity, eating and drinking and playing radios/CD/tape players without earphones. Passengers are not required to wear seatbelts, but drivers may request that you wear one for your own safety. Please make sure your wheelchair is properly secured. The front seats in the bus are reserved for persons with disabilities or the elderly. All STS services accept use and carry-on of portable oxygen, respirators and concentrators on all vehicles.

Keep the aisle clear. Nothing should be blocking the aisle pocketbooks, bags or bodies. All packages should be properly secured.

Service Animals are the only animals allowed to ride the bus.

Share your seat. Due to number of available seats in the bus, and the area(s) in which the bus route(s) cover, bus seats are used to the maximum.

Entering and Exiting Bus

Please watch your step. Use the passenger handles in the doorway when you exit and enter the bus. When required, drivers will assist passenger who enter and exit the bus. Do not leave your seat while the bus is in motion. When there is standing room only, do not stand beside the driver's seat or on the steps.

For Office on Aging riders, drivers will assist passengers who enter and exit the bus when needed. Please stay in your seats at the centers until the Office on Aging staff comes to the bus.


If an emergency situation arises, you should remain calm. Listen to the driver and follow instructions. Assistance will be there shortly.

STS Bus Safety and Security

For the safety and security of our passengers and drivers, STS drivers have a zero tolerance policy for disruptive passengers and will serve a no trespassing notice against any person who threatens anyone on the bus or does not abide by the Bus Rider Rules. Anyone with serious personal hygiene problems that are offensive to other passengers will also be banned from all STS buses until the problem is resolved. STS has a two-way radio in every bus and is in immediate contact with the St. Mary's County 911 Center and the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department.

Time Awareness

Please be ready for the bus 10 or 15 minutes ahead of time.

Drivers may assist you if it is required. Drivers may be delayed due to traffic congestion. Please be patient if there is a delay while waiting for the bus, or when you are taken home.

For stop requests, please call (301) 475-4200 ext. 1120 at least 20 minutes ahead of the schedule. There is an answering machine at the (301) 475-4200 ext. 1120 number in the evenings and weekends when the office is closed so that you can leave a message. Please give your name, bus route and telephone number in case we need to contact you with any questions.

Health and Cleanliness Standards

STS passengers are expected to maintain cleanliness and health standards that do not jeopardize the health of bus drivers, supervisors, themselves or other passengers. If passengers are unable to comply with those standards the Drivers shall notify the Dispatcher and complete an incident report: that report shall be referred to a responsible health and/or welfare agency for assistance in compliance. Certain restrictions may apply to those passengers who may require a personal attendant based upon their medical or other conditions.

  • Contagious diseases
  • Open wounds
  • Incontinence
  • Communicable diseases
  • Foul Odor