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Private Facilities

Private Roads

The County Commissioners shall not accept private roads into the County highway maintenance system. Roads constructed as private roads shall adhere to the standards specified by the Department of Planning and Zoning and cited in the Subdivision Ordinance. A standard Road Maintenance Covenant is also required to be executed and submitted to the Department of Planning and Zoning for recordation along with the record plat package. Residents who wish to upgrade their private road for acceptance into the County Highway Maintenance System may do so by creating a Special Road Taxing District Application. Please refer to our Engineering Services pages or view our Special Road Taxing District Application for additional information.

Private Stormwater Management Facilities

For privately maintained Storm-water Management Facilities an Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) Agreement is usually executed by the developer. The respective Private Stormwater Management Facilities I&M Agreement is forwarded to Land records for recordation by the Department Public Works & Transportation once the permit has been issued. Once construction and as-built is accepted by the Department of Land Use & Growth Management and DPW&T, a completed Stormwater Management Notice of Construction Completion (NOCC Form) is signed and forwarded to the State for their permanent record. At this time, most developers will dedicate the land / parcel that the facility is constructed on and assign the responsibilities for maintenance of the stormwater management device(s)facility to individual property owners or a Homeowners Association. Subsequent maintenance inspections are then scheduled by the Department of Land Use and Growth Management to ensure maintenance is being performed.