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Solid Waste Ordinance

On November 29, 1988 the Commissioners of St. Mary's County updated the prior Solid Waste Ordinance via Resolution 88-32. The Ordinance describes various administrative items associated with the use of the St. Mary's County Solid Waste Acceptance Facilities as required by the Maryland Department of the Environment and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In particular, the penalties for improper disposal and Ordinance violations are defined. Copies of the Ordinance are available at the Department of Public Works and Transportation or on-line at Solid Waste Ordinance.

Rules and Regulations

Under Article 25 of the Annotated Code of Maryland the County Commissioners are empowered to prescribe and enforce Rules and Regulations concerning the operation and manner of use of their solid waste disposal areas and facilities. The first set of rules and regulations became effective on March 1, 1971 and were subsequently amended on August 1, 1991; August 12, 1996; March 9, 1998; May 25, 2004; and May 23, 2006. The resulting Resolution describes operations, permitting, acceptable and non-acceptable waste and establishes the formal fee schedule for the disposal of material at all the County operated facilities. No scavenging or loitering is permitted. Copies of the Solid Waste Ordinance are also available at the Department of Public Works. Call us at (301) 475-4200 or fax your questions to (301) 863-8810.

Reports to the State

In accordance with the County's current Refuse Disposal Permit the Maryland Department of the Environment requires that an annual report be submitted concerning the operation and status of the facility for each calendar year ending December 31. The report must be submitted no later than March 1 and includes the following information; total quantities of waste received at and transported from the facility, estimated remaining capacity; the projected date at which the landfill will reach its permitted capacity; and a topographic map performed within the last three (3) months of the reporting period. In addition, the Department annually reports to the State's Recycling Services Division to monitor its progress in maintaining the mandated Maryland Recycling Act 15% goal.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping on private lands costs property owners and the County thousands of dollars in clean-up every year. It is a violation of the Maryland Litter Control Law and St. Mary's County Code for any individual to throw or deposit litter on private, open or vacant property, outside of normal collection containers. Illegal dumpsites pollute waterways, clog creeks which can cause flooding, impact animal habitat, create hazards for humans and negatively affect tourism. To report illegal dumping on private property please contact the Department of Land Use and Growth Management at (301) 475-4670 or the Health Department at (301) 475-4321. If you. would like to report any litter related concerns along our County roadways please fill out our Maintenance Request Form. During the summer of 1999, our County Highways Division partnered with a property owner to clean up one of the long-standing illegal disposal sites in the Northern end of the County, off Lockes Hill Road. View more information on our roadside litter pickup programs.