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Be Informed

Follow Instructions From Your Local Officials - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Disaster can strike quickly and without warning, anytime or anywhere. One of the first steps of being prepared is to be informed about an emergency. Obtaining relevant, up-to-date information from local officials during an emergency is vital, especially is evacuation may be required.

In the event of a County declared emergency, information will be provided to you through as many different formats as possible.

Local Resources

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St. Mary’s County utilizes siren sounds and messages during routine tests and emergencies - listen and familiarize yourself with these sounds.

Know your Zone!

Residents may be told to evacuate during a hurricane or other emergency based on their evacuation zone. Stay informed of your evacuation zone by using the Know Your Zone tool and typing in your address. If your address is not in an evacuation zone, a storm or other emergency could still impact you, so it is important to listen to local officials during an emergency.

Stay Safe. Find your evacuation zone today! Know Your Zone (KYZ)