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Permits and Scale House

Scale House

Permit Description Permit Number Effective Date Expiration Date
ARMA Gas Flare System 18-9-0043 N 7/18/2000 COMAR
Refuse Disposal Permit (Transfer Station & Processing Facility) 2019-WPT-0624 1-24-2019 1-23-2024
Refuse Disposal Permit- St. Andrews Landfill 2015-WMF-0138 11-19-2015 11-18-2020
Scrap Tire Collection Facility 2018-RSC-08822 7/25/2018 7/24/2023
Scrap Tire Hauler License 2016-RTH-10514 5/11/2016 5/10/2021
Weighing & Measuring Device 99011275 5/31/2019 5/31/2020
NPDES Permit - Clements Landfill MDRCTO1DQ 5/28/2015 12/31/2019
Air Permit- Clements Landfill 037-0147-9-0112 5/15/2015 COMAR 26.11.02

In February, 1989 the scale house was added at the entrance to the St. Andrews Landfill Facility and is used to weigh loads of waste entering into the landfill, to monitor the recycling contractors reporting, issuing permits and for inventory and supply. In accordance with Section 11-204.2 through 11-204.7 Agricultural Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, all weighing and measuring devices used in commercial service in the State of Maryland must be properly registered with the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Section. The weighing and Measuring Device Certification must be renewed by June 1st each year with a $150 registration fee and conspicuously displayed at the facility. An annual scale maintenance contract ensures the general upkeep of the scales.