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Evacuation is a protective action which can be ordered by local officials in order to keep residents safe and out of harm’s way. An evacuation can be ordered for numerous reasons, including an incoming dangerous storm, a hazardous materials incident, fires, or floods. Planning for an evacuation and knowing what to do when one is ordered is crucial to keep you and your family safe.

What to do if an evacuation is ordered for your area:

  • Put your Family Emergency Plans into effect.
  • Stay informed and listen to local officials for information.
  • Always follow specific evacuation routes. Do not take shortcuts, they may be blocked off or unsafe.
  • Before leaving your home:
    • Lock the doors and windows
    • Unplug appliances
    • Turn off utilities (gas, propane, electricity, and water)
    • Leave a note stating that you have left the area and where you went

Don't drive through flooded roadways!

  • Even a small amount of water (6 inches) can wash away a car.
  • You may be unable to see the roadway under the water, and it could be blocked or washed out.