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Children and Family Services

St. Mary's County Local Management Board (LMB) for Youth & Family Services

Local Management Boards were established during the mid-1990s in each county throughout the state of Maryland. The role of the LMB is to identify priorities and necessary resources within their jurisdiction. The focus of the LMB is to increase local authority to plan, implement, and monitor child and family services. The LMB is made up of representatives from public agencies, non-profit organizations, as well community members. This interagency service system provides a continuum of care that is family and child oriented, emphasizes prevention, early intervention, and community-based services, giving priority to children and families most at risk.

In alignment with Maryland Results for Child Well-being, St. Mary's County LMB invests in local programs to enhance opportunities for youth and families. The Governor's Office for Children monitors and tracks jurisdictions' data to ensure transparency and allow for improved evaluation of programs ( Below are local programs currently funded for Fiscal Year 2023. If interested in joining the LMB click here (


Amanda Meatyard, LMB Coordinator, (301) 475-4200 ext. 1848,

Interagency Liaison

Ms. Foote serves as the St. Mary's County Public Schools child and family advocate on behalf of the St. Mary's County government's local system of care. The Liaison collaborates with and provides technical assistance to the Dept. of Juvenile Services, Dept. of Social Services, Health Dept., local mental health providers, and Juvenile Court. She serves as the Board of Education's Representative on the Local Care Team (LCT) in effort to support disconnected, homeless, and high-risk youth in our community.


Elizabeth Foote, Department of Human Services, (301) 475-4200 ext. 1686,

St. Mary's County Public Schools Programs

After school tutoring and mentoring programs are offered in elementary schools throughout the county. These programs strive to combat ACEs by providing students with individual and/or small group interactions with caring adults and providing lessons that focus on social skills and healthy lifestyles. The core of the mentoring program curriculum will be S.P.A.R.K (Speaking to the Potential, Ability, and Resilience inside every Kid) curriculum. Mentoring sessions are held weekly at each location. Each session will last an hour and a half and will consist of time for a healthy snack; homework assistance; group instruction on social skills, S.P.A.R.K lessons, or other topics; and one-on-one time with students' individual mentors.


Terri Cox, Supervisor of Student Services & Special Services, (301) 475-5511 x32257

Healthy Families Southern Maryland

Healthy Families (HF) is a nationally accredited, research-based, long-term home visiting program. HF supports families starting prenatally and working with the family up until the child's fifth birthday with the goal of encouraging positive parenting skills, reducing family stress, and preventing child abuse and neglect. Services are voluntary, free to the participant, and tailored to each family's individual needs, interests, and priorities. Among other issues, the program staff help families address overall health, developmental issues, homelessness, and hunger. Healthy Families Southern Maryland offers service in both English and Spanish.


(301) 392-9332

Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, Reconnection of Opportunity Youth to Education and Employment (ROYEE)

The ROYEE program will connect youth, ages 16-24 with employment coaching, career assessment, and work opportunities beyond basic retail jobs. This program will also support the value of degree attainment (GED or diploma) by encouraging youth to reengage or remain engaged in their current educational status. By offering a workforce curriculum to the participants, these skillsets will be encouraged, supported and opportunities to implement what they have gleaned from the program will be afforded to the participants.


Daryl Rice (301) 346-2006

Local Care Team (LCT)

St. Mary's County Local Care Team (LCT) promotes family preservation by offering the best local services and resources available within our community. The LCT is a collaborative team made up of representatives from various local agencies (including Depart. of Justice, Developmental Disabilities Administration, Maryland Coalition of Families, SMCPS, Division of Behavioral Health, Depart. of Social Services, Parent's Place of Maryland, Division of Rehabilitative Services) to support youth and families struggling with a child's intensive emotional and behavioral needs. Referrals can be made by any of the agencies families are currently working with or caregivers directly to the LCT coordinator.


Nina Reed, LCT Coordinator, (301) 475-4200 ext. 1853